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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Category Target version Estimated time % Done - BURPBugNewNormalScene analysis error in progress estimator11/10/2017 21:26Client - BURPBugNewLowSubmitter: Tailing data in WU url09/27/2017 18:03Core - BURPBugNewNormalContributor page missing08/14/2017 17:00Meta - BURPFeatureNewNormalAuto-timeout unsubmitted sessions after a while08/12/2017 16:14Corev0.4b - BURPFeatureNewNormalSupport for 3D multipart stitching06/05/2017 15:29Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalSupport for unpacking image sequences11/16/2016 15:50Core - BURPFeatureNewLowCompilefarm support for Mac11/16/2016 18:16Client - BURPFeatureNewNormal16-bit png support10/15/2016 17:39Core - BURPFeatureNewLowAvoid placing the CATS window outside of screenspace10/08/2016 13:38Client - BURPFeatureNewNormalUltra short sessions08/12/2017 16:14Corev0.4b - BURPBugNewNormalCrop to border interferes with border rendering05/16/2016 07:53Client - BURPFeatureNewNormalUnpack client only once per version05/11/2016 15:38Client - BURPFeatureNewLowMultiframe WUs10/08/2016 13:41Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalUpdate file_upload_handler to fcgi05/10/2016 20:37Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalShow session contribution as a % of total09/16/2015 18:59Frontend1.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalMark session as belonging to a stereo pair07/19/2015 17:53Frontend - BURPBugNewNormalCATS stalls download during suspend and must be restarted07/11/2015 14:21Client - BURPBugNewNormalMultiple CATS possible07/11/2015 14:21Client - BURPBugNewNormalUsing movies as textures07/11/2015 14:19Client - BURPBugNewNormalBaked smoke causes parser to abort10/01/2014 15:29Core - BURPBugNewNormalTexture unpacking for cycles sometimes fails08/26/2014 15:37Client - BURPBugNewNormalFluid simulations are not included in .blend, recompute on server05/30/2014 16:20 - BURPBugNewNormalAdjusting computer clock backwards may crash workunit05/30/2014 16:19Client - BURPBugNewNormalFix master url usage in BOINC03/08/2014 09:40 - BURPBugNewNormalFigure out what went wrong in session 194502/18/2014 20:39Client

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