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Cache controller

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Status:RejectedStart date:04/25/2010
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Target version:v0.3s - Sunflower


The cache controller for controlling the cache network


Feature #50: Set up database for cache controllerRejectedjbk

Feature #51: Frontend for cache controllerRejected

Feature #52: Cache maintenance daemonRejected

Feature #53: Redirection backend for cache controllerRejected

Feature #95: Cache download tree control systemRejectedjbk

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Related to Renderfarming.net - BURP - Feature #3: Create issues for the cache controller Closed 04/03/2010


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The need for a cache controller has been voided by the plans to install fiber-optic cables at the hosting facilities (and potentially using a single off-site reverse HTTP proxy with the new Squid features that allow shared downloading)

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