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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Category Target version Estimated time % Done - BURPBugResolvedNormalIntelligently attached physics data fails with motionblur02/19/2017 20:15Core - BURPBugNewNormalLong sessions can cause total CPU time counter to overflow09/26/2013 20:42Core - BURPBugNewNormalActive file list does not properly refresh07/21/2013 18:03Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalAdmin UI: Logs06/29/2013 12:39Core9.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalChange default mt plan class to 16 threads05/11/2013 22:08Core - BURPBugNewNormalPython script is confused by cycles BVH04/18/2013 19:40 - BURPFeatureNewNormalBOINC create_work limits should be configurable through the admin UI08/22/2012 22:03 - BURPFeatureNewNormalSupport gUSE as a CPU resource manager06/10/2012 11:45Core - BURPBugNewNormalAdditional replication should not kick in midways03/23/2012 07:03Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalAllow users to cancel sessions through XMLRPC01/01/2012 19:13Core - BURPFeatureNewNormalUse sensible name when sending out session files11/08/2015 12:47Core - BURPFeatureResolvedNormaluserid on session triggers10/20/2014 09:59Core - BURPBugNewNormalCATS does not read frontpage response if wrong result code07/28/2014 13:53Client - BURPFeatureNewNormalAllow framerate to be float12/03/2011 11:02Core2.00 - BURPFeatureResolvedNormalRefactor renderqueue to allow multiple resource managers05/18/2014 08:37Core22.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalAllow users to use the "ramp-up session" feature08/29/2011 06:25Frontend3.00 - BURPBugResolvedHighLinux Glue does not suspend/resume properly08/02/2014 16:32Client - BURPFeatureResolvedNormalMultilayer EXR support05/18/2014 08:37Core5.00 - BURPBugNewNormalIf CATS fails on a file it should move to the next07/26/2011 14:40Client2.00 - BURPBugResolvedNormalFrames can be marked as complete even with faulty assimilation07/27/2011 16:49Core5.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalAllow for even higher replication for final workunits07/19/2011 08:40Core2.00 - BURPSupportNewNormal is 40407/08/2011 16:35Client2.00 - BURPBugNewNormalxmlrpc for getFrames inefficient06/30/2011 21:15Frontend2.00 - BURPBugNewNormalSome filenames cannot be stored to DB when uploaded08/13/2011 13:40Core3.00 - BURPBugNewNormalMime type detection bugged07/28/2014 14:04Frontendv0.4a

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