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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Category Target version Estimated time % Done - BURPFeatureNewNormalAccept attachement files04/03/2010 17:17Frontend2.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowAbility to abort session08/12/2017 16:18Corev0.4b4.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowPlan how to make the screensaver04/03/2010 17:25Administration13.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowCredit trading and donations04/03/2010 17:34Frontend10.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowBOINC user authentication for Redmine10/08/2016 13:43Administration9.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalMove documentation into Wiki04/03/2010 17:43Administration25.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalTexture and model libraries07/24/2011 14:23Metav0.3s - Sunflower51.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalFrontend for library upload and management07/24/2011 14:23Frontendv0.3s - Sunflower19.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalMail notifications when a session changes phase07/28/2014 14:04Corev0.4a4.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowSequencer support in Blender04/05/2010 07:27Client6.00 - BURPBugNewNormalOutput form 976 is wrong04/05/2010 14:42Administration2.00 - BURPBugResolvedHighClient does not suspend properly on linux08/02/2014 16:32Client14.00 - BURPBugNewHigh996 is blank04/15/2010 09:43Administration - BURPFeatureNewNormalStreamline renderer selection process05/14/2010 12:33Core4.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalScheduler should support the boost parameter05/24/2010 16:40Core3.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalCATS proxy settings only apply to downloads06/05/2010 08:46Client4.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowSession tagging06/14/2010 20:32Core - BURPFeatureNewLowDetaching input files07/11/2011 20:42Core2.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalExternal datasource inputfiles06/28/2010 05:56Core13.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalAllow parse-info to propagate through system09/22/2015 15:04Core7.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalTrusted vs not-trusted file03/06/2011 16:05Core6.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalCreate MD5-sums for all files11/08/2015 10:45Core8.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalCalculate disk footprint more precisely08/12/2017 16:17Corev0.4b5.00 - BURPFeatureNewNormalAssign work to highmem (64bit) machines only02/18/2011 09:14Core3.00 - BURPFeatureNewLowAbstract away loop in stitcher09/17/2010 19:491.00

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